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Embrace Transparency on Body Cams

14791866078_154b636d92_qThe New England First Amendment Coalition yesterday urged law enforcement in Vermont to release all body camera footage of a recent police shooting of an unarmed man. Questions about body cameras, their use by police and their implication on public record laws have become increasingly common as more officers are beginning to use the technology. Please see the coverage of NEFAC’s statement below, as well as a recent on-point editorial by the Caledonian Record.

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FBI Should Never Impersonate Journalists

projoFrom the The Providence Journal:

New England First Amendment Coalition executive director Justin Silverman said, “Having government officials — particularly those in law enforcement — go around impersonating members of the press very much undermines the ability of reporters to gather the news, gain the trust of sources and build relationships with the communities they cover.” [Full Story]

Deadly Public Health Prescription

calrecordFrom the Caledonian Record

We agree with Justin Silverman, executive director of the New England First Amendment Center, “While these changes are intended to protect the privacy of individuals, they are neither necessary nor helpful to the public’s response to infectious disease outbreaks. Worse, they may jeopardize the safety of those who would otherwise learn of potential risks to their health.” [Full Story]

Post Reporter Barred from Trump-Pence Rally

projoFrom The Providence Journal:

New England First Amendment Coalition executive director Justin Silverman said: “Trump’s crusade against journalists needs to end. Whether this reporter attended the event as a member of the media or as a private citizen, access should have been provided. Cherry-picking an audience is a campaign interest, not a public interest.” [Full Story]

Raimondo Vetoes ‘Revenge Porn’ Bill

sriFrom the North-Kingston Standard Times:

“Revenge porn is an issue that clearly needs to be addressed. But this isn’t the solution,” said Justin Silverman, Executive Director of the New England First Amendment Coalition. “Privacy needs to be protected in a way that does not deter journalists from reporting stories that are in the public’s interest.” [Full Story]