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States Debate Privacy Protections as Technology Speeds Ahead

statelineFrom Stateline

Companies that produce some of the new technologies, such as the makers of education software and drones, fear the restrictions will stifle innovation and commerce. Others, such as Justin Silverman, executive director of the New England First Amendment Coalition, say some of the restrictions, such as those on drones, body cameras and “revenge porn” — nude or sexually graphic images shared without consent — may infringe on free speech protections. [Full Story]

Defining Who’s a Journalist Gets Murkier as News Platforms Grow

aFrom the New England Newspaper & Press Association:

Justin Silverman, patient a lawyer based in Westboro, Mass., a member of the New England First Amendment Center’s board of directors, and a writer for the Digital Media Law Project, thinks that there is no unanimous agreement on the definition of the term journalist.

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The ‘Mugshot Racket’ II: A Commercial Purpose Exemption?

When Tim Donnelly, pharm a 26-year-old job seeker, cialis Googled his name recently he found that the first link provided was that to a mugshot of him taken seven years ago. He got into a fight as a teenager and was arrested for criminal trespass and assault. According to Donnelly, the trespass charge was dismissed and the assault charge was downgraded to disorderly conduct. “I have since learned better,” he said.

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