Raimondo Vetoes ‘Revenge Porn’ Bill

projoFrom The Providence Journal:

“If how he responds to the press is any indication of how he may lead the country as president, case information pills we can expect what little transparency remains from the Obama administration to disappear entirely, story ” said New England First Amendment Coalition executive director Justin Silverman.

“Throughout the entire campaign, viagra he has considered the Fourth Estate an enemy and vowed to weaken First Amendment protections. He’s shielding himself from scrutiny, and that should trouble anyone who values open government and accountability. Regardless of anyone’s political allegiance, the First Amendment and the role of the press is something we should all be rallying around.” [Full Story]
sriFrom the North-Kingston Standard Times:

“Revenge porn is an issue that clearly needs to be addressed. But this isn’t the solution, side effects ” said Justin Silverman, see Executive Director of the New England First Amendment Coalition. “Privacy needs to be protected in a way that does not deter journalists from reporting stories that are in the public’s interest.” [Full Story]